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使用iPhone和iPad的10个小窍门|英雄联盟外围_lol外围赌赛|首页编辑:lol外围赌赛|足球app平台 发布时间:2021-01-11  浏览次数:27054

【lol外围赌赛】Its with you every moment of every day. It reminds you of little things that you sometimes forget, like calling friends on their birthdays and picking up the dry cleaning. It sleeps by your side, resting when you rest and working when you work. It even talks back once in a while. But how well do you really know your iPhone? 它每天时刻相伴你左右。它警告你去做到有时你不会记得的小事,比如在朋友生日时给他们打电话和所取乳化剂衣物。它在你身旁入睡,你睡觉时它也睡觉,你工作时它也工作。它甚至还不会偶尔和你坐抬杠。

但你对iPhone又确实理解多少呢? After months of watching friends and family use their iPhones and iPads, I realized most of them were missing out on a lot of features. Ill walk you through 10 things you might not know your iPhone and iPad can do. Aficionados may know most of these, but typical users likely wont. 我对自己的亲朋好友用于iPhones和iPad的情况不作了几个月的仔细观察后找到,大多数人都会遗漏许多功能。下面让我来告诉他你10种你有可能不理解的iPhone和iPad功能。

铁杆果粉也许告诉大多数这些功能,但普通用户有可能就不理解了。 1. Directly Access Apps 1.必要采访应用程序 If youre like most people, you have your iPhone set to show some pop-up notifications. They might show up on the home screen when you get a Facebook notification, or a text message, for instance, and even when the phone is locked and the screen is asleep. To open these messages, you dont have to first swipe to unlock your phone and then open the app. As long as your device isnt protected by a four-digit security code, swipe from left to right on the notification to open the app in which the message appeared. If you do use a code, youll be prompted to enter it after swiping the notification. 你可能会和大多数人一样设置你的iPhone,让它表明一些弹头出有通报。当你收到Facebook通报或是短信之类的消息时,它们可能会表明在主屏幕上,就连手机被瞄准,屏幕正处于休眠状态时也一样可以表明。要关上这些信息,不必须先对手机滑动关卡再行打开应用程序。


只要你没为设备设置四位数密码保护,只需在通报栏上从左向右滑动,就可以关上适当的应用程序了。如果你用于密码的话,在通报栏上滑动之后,系统不会拒绝你输出密码。 2. Tap to Scroll Up 2.轻按才可返回页面顶部 Give your pointer finger a rest from scrolling up, up, up to get back to the top of a page. Tap once on the status bar - where the time and battery life are displayed - at the top edge of the iPhone or iPad screen and youll jump up to the top. This works for websites, email, Contacts and many other apps. 让你的食指睡觉一下吧,要返回页面顶端需要大大向下滑动。


3. Keyboard Shortcuts 3.键盘快捷方式 Tapping on a glass keyboard has its downsides, but a few shortcuts could ease the experience. Tap and hold the Compose new message button in Mail to automatically bring up all your saved email drafts. And rather than switching to the number keyboard and then switching back to the letter keyboard, tap and hold the 123 key, then drag it to a number to select it. When you lift your finger from the number, the letter keyboard will appear again. 在玻璃键盘上敲打有其不足之处,但有几种省力的捷径。页面并长按“邮箱”的“新邮件”按键,可自动调至你存储的所有电子邮件草稿。另外,不须要在转换到数字键盘后再行转换返字母键盘,只要页面并按钮“123”键,然后把它拖至一个数字处,当你的手指离开了该数字时,字母键盘之后不会现身。


When entering an email address, hold down the period key to see other address endings. Add emoticons to your keyboard by choosing: Settings, General, Keyboard, International Keyboards, Add New Keyboard, Emoji. 输出电子邮件地址时,宽按句号键可以看见其他的地址结尾符号。在键盘中重新加入表情符号的方法是依序自由选择:“设置”、“标准化”、“键盘”、“国际键盘”、“加到新的键盘”、“表情符号”。 You can split the iPads on-screen keyboard in two so you can grasp the iPad with two hands and type with your thumbs. This is on by default, though you might not know it. (To check, go to Settings, General, Keyboard and Split Keyboard.) To see the split keyboard anytime youre using the regular keyboard, spread your two thumbs from the center of the keyboard out. Or just tap and hold the keyboard icon (bottom right corner) and select Split. An Undock option also appears and this lets you move the keyboard up or down. 你可以把iPad的触摸屏键盘拆卸分为两个,这样你就可以用两只手逃跑iPad,后用大拇指来点字了。这个功能是配置文件打开的,不过你有可能不告诉。



4. Speed from App to App 4. 较慢转换应用程序 The iPhone and iPad have many apps running in the background. There are shortcuts for jumping around apps without going to the home screen. Double tap the Home button (a physical button below the screen) to see a pop-up tray of apps and swipe to the left to scroll through them. Select one to jump to it. On the iPad, do this is by placing four fingers on the screen and swiping all of them up at once. This and other multitask gestures are on by default on the iPad 2 and newest iPad. But you have to turn them on with the first-generation iPad by going to Settings, General, Multitask Gestures. iPhone和iPad有许多应用程序在后台运营。有一些快捷方式可以让你在不回到主页面的情况下转换应用程序。双击主键(屏幕下面的一个实体按键)可以看见一个插入的应用程序架上,向左滑动可以滑动这些应用程序。

自由选择其中一个才可跳跃至该应用程序。在iPad上,要已完成这项任务可以将四个手指放到屏幕上,然后同时滑动所有手指。这一手势及其他多任务手势在iPad 2和最新版iPad上是配置文件打开的。


但如果你用于的是第一代iPad,你就要通过“设置”、“标准化”、“多任务手势”来打开这项功能。 5. Take Screenshots 5. 截屏 Ever see something on your iPhone or iPad screen and wish you could save that image, but cant figure out how? Press the Home button and the On/Off button (top right edge) simultaneously to take a screenshot of whatever you see on the device. Youll hear the same sound as when you take a picture with the Camera app. You can find all of your screenshots stored in Camera Roll, along with your photos, and share them via email or social networks as you do regular photos. 你是不是在iPhone或iPad屏幕上看见过想留存下来的图片,却又知道该怎样留存?同时按下主键和进关键(右上角),就可以对你在设备上看见的任何图片截屏了。按键时你不会听见和用于摄像头程序照片时完全相同的声音。

你拦的图连同摄制的照片都留存在“照片流”中,可通过电子邮件或社交网络展开共享,方法和共享普通照片一样。 6. Swipe to Search 6. 滑动屏幕才可搜寻 Another way to quickly find apps on an iPhone or iPad is to swipe left-to-right from the home screen. This reveals a search box in which you can type the name of any app to jump right to it. This search also finds contacts, emails, calendar items and texts, as well as other things. 另一种在iPhone或iPad上很快寻找应用程序的方法是在主页面上从左向右滑动。屏幕上不会表明搜索框,你可以在框内输出给定应用程序的名称,并可必要转入该程序。

这种搜寻方式还可以寻找联系人、电子邮件、日历、文本和其他一些东西。 7. Read Websites More Easily 7. 更加精彩地读者网页 Stop struggling to read overcrowded Web pages on the iPhones small screen. Instead, tap the Reader button, found in the URL bar at the top of a Web page, and youll see a much clearer, predominantly text version of the page. Even better: This view hides advertisements. It doesnt work with all websites. This also works on the iPad. 别在iPhone狭小的屏幕上艰苦读者拥挤不堪的网页了。


iPad也有这项功能。 8. A Smarter Camera (iPhone) 8.让摄像头更为智能(iPhone) If youve ever wished your iPhone camera had a physical shutter button, look no further. The phones volume up (+) button doubles as a shutter button whenever the Camera app is opened. This hard button feels sturdier all around, plus it makes it a cinch to take self-portraits or to tell strangers how to take a photo of you and your friends. 你是不是期望iPhone摄像头有个实体快门键?只不过这个按键本来就有。在摄像头程序打开的时候,iPhone的音量减小(+)按钮可以兼任做到对焦。这个实体按键整体感觉较为结实,而且便于自拍电影或者给陌生人展示怎样为你和你的朋友照片。

And speaking of handing your phone to strangers, dont forget about the lock-screen shortcut for opening the Camera: Slide up the camera icon (found at the bottom right of the home screen) to open Camera without unlocking the phone. You can do this with anyones phone, regardless of whether or not you know their password because it only opens the Camera app, locking you out of all other apps - and other photos and videos - on the phone. Just the photos or videos you take at that moment will be visible to you. 此外,谈及把手机给陌生人这个问题,不要忘了在屏幕瞄准状态下打开摄像头的快捷方式:向下滑动照相机图标(可在主屏幕的右下方寻找),可以在手机不中止瞄准时打开摄像头。你在任何人的手机上都可以展开这项操作者,知不知道密码都可以,因为这项操作者仅有关上摄像头程序,而手机上其他应用程序──以及其他照片和视频──都是瞄准的。你不能看见当时摄制的照片或视频。

9. Digital Picture Frame (iPad) 9. 电子相框(iPad) Put your iPad to work as a digital picture frame for a photo slide show. Tap the Picture Frame icon, which appears to the right of the slide-to-unlock bar on the lock screen. 你的iPad可以作为电子相框播出照片的幻灯片。页面坐落于瞄准屏幕上“移动滑块来关卡”栏中右侧的“相框”图标才可。 If you own an iPad case, flip it into its stand-up position, place the iPad on a table, press the Picture Frame icon and walk away. Guests in your home will have to unlock the iPad to access other apps. 如果你有iPad维护壳的话,可将其转到双脚方位,把iPad放到桌上,按下“相框”图标,然后人就可以看着了。


你家的客人必需为iPad关卡才能采访其他应用程序。 Photos can be pulled from all photos or specific albums, events or images of certain faces. Make these and other slide-show adjustments in Settings, Picture Frame. 照片可以来源于整个照片库或特定相簿,也可以按照事件或特定面孔来自由选择照片。可通过“设置”、“电子相框”展开上述操作者并对幻灯片表明展开其他调整。

10. Mute or Screen Lock (iPad) 10. 转换静音和瞄准屏幕功能(iPad) The same button on the right edge of your iPad that locks the screen in portrait or landscape mode can double as a mute button. This comes in handy if you find yourself frequently muting the iPad. Change this buttons default lock function by going into Settings, General, Use side switch to: Lock Rotation or Mute. By default, this button is on Lock Rotation. Another quick way to mute is by pulling up the multitask bar by double tapping Home (or using a four-finger swipe up), then swiping left-to-right to see a mute, as well as sliders for volume and screen brightness. 坐落于iPad右侧的按键既可以将屏幕瞄准为横向模式或纵向模式,也可以兼任做到静音按键。如果你常常要让iPad静音的话,用这项操作者就很便利。可轻按“设置”、“标准化”、“侧边电源用作”,然后自由选择“瞄准屏幕转动”或“静音”来转变该按键配置文件的瞄准功能。




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